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DNA HYDRATE Protein Shaker X

DNA HYDRATE Protein Shaker X

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We have designed a DNA HYDRATE Protein Shaker X with perfectly smooth surface and rounded bottom, which ensures perfect mixing of the content without the use of a strainer or a ball.

Circle Technology guarantees perfect mixing of the content, without the use of any extra elements such as a strainer or a ball.

DNA HYDRATE ShakerX has a matte and glossy surface, which proves its high quality, made in line with the latest trends. A massive and tight cap with an additional handle guarantees functionality, leak-tightness and impact resistance.

DNA HYDRATE ShakerX is Produced from certified material, free from toxins, lead and BPA.

DNA HYDRATE ShakerX is certified by PZH for contact with food and the entire production process meets the EU standards.

- Capacity 700 ml
- Produced from certified material
- PZH Certificate for contact with food
- Made in the EU High-quality product

- Shaker for athletes Premium product
- Large and visible printing area, (360°) print
- Capacity measuring cup
- 100% durable print
- 100% leak-tightness

We have introduced a solution, where we used two types of material (inflexible and flexible) which guarantees 100% tightness at the connection of the cap with a container and a closure. Additionally, we used a double thread to reduce the number of revolutions when opening and closing the product.


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